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How Far Is Boulogne From Normandy (omaha)?

does anyone know how far boulogne is from normandy (distance) please

What Material Did Auguste Rodin Use To Make The Sculpture Burghers Of Calais?

What material did Auguste Rodin use to make the sculpture Burghers of Calais?

Eurotunnel half year results impacted by Fire.

Success of Groupe Eurotunnel SA’s Warrant Exchange Tender Offer Half year results impacted by the fire in September 2008 As part of its development strategy, Groupe Eurotunnel bids for Veolia Cargo’s businesses in France Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive of Eurotunnel said, “Despite the less than favourable economic climate, Eurotunnel is putting all its […]

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The Real Paris Plage Beach – Paris or Le Touquet?

In 2002, the mayor of Paris launched Operation Paris-Plage,  the idea was to give Parisians their own beach right  on the  Seine. (sand, palm trees, games …).  Paris filed the name “Paris-Plage” in order to use it commercially. But hang on a minute there is already a Paris-Plage also known as Le Touquet-Paris-Plage . Denying […]

Who Was The Roman Emperor, That Made His Soldiers Collect Shells From The Beaches At Boulogne ?…?

Does anyone know who he was, What Roman Emperor, that made his Soldiers collect Shells from Boulogne beaches, (Todays france), and put them in their helmets, in about 40AD…

Useful Tourist Map of Le Touquet

The best way to access a local map is via the Le Touquet App on your smartphone. Download NOW Le Touquet’s official app on your smartphone or on your touch tablet