Can Someone Help Me In French Pronunciation?

Can someone help me pronounce these french words?
maison rose
bois de boulogne
bois de vincennes

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may-zon roze
bwah deh boo lone ya
bwah deh vin cen

I’ll try to help: pronounce maison rose like ‘mezon roze’ (remember that the sound ‘on’ is a nasal sound similar to your ‘on’ in English), bois de Boulogne would be like ‘buah de boolohgne’ in English, gn sounds like ‘gn’ in the word ‘champagne’ and bois de vincennes is ‘buah de vahncen’ with a strong ‘cen’ ending, the final three letters are not pronounced!
Hopefully you can use this information, my native tongue is Spanish but I’ve studied French and English for some years!

Just think French and visualize a French person in front of you with an accent it works!

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