D Day Tour?

Ok im going to take the ferry across to France but which is the better route to cross to Boulogne France or Calais France and how to i get to Normandy to see the bunkers and Omaha beach?  Is there a train that goes to Normandy or a bus i need all the help i can get thanks.

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According to the Lonely Planet guide France there is an infrequent bus from Bayeux to the D-Day beaches, in June weekends and July and August daily there is a bus service from Caen.
But you might be able to get a tour from one of the near towns, or even from an English town.
If not, if one of your group has a driving license you can rent a car and go there un-guided.
The local tabac shops will sell a map of the beaches.
I think, seeing the questions you ask, that buying a Lonely Planet guide now is a good idea.
Many of the questions you ask will be answered by a Lonely planet guide.
(They often tell you the address of a laundromat, give the best way to visit the historical highlight and list how to travel to a town and how in it.
And it does give a lot of practical information too, like where and how to get your money, and which hotels and hostels are in town and how much they cost.
You can now find them second hand, just check they are not too much out of date, as prices go up and bus schedules change.
I am happy to keep answering your questions, but you might be happier having a reliable book in your hands. I never found Lonely Planet failing me.
The Europe version might be the best for you, or separate ones for the different countries you want to visit, although that will get heavy.
There is a ferry from Portsmouth to Caen, and along the French coast there are several train tracks.
Here is a link for the French railroads:http://www.voyages-sncf.com/dynamic/_SvH…
And a link to a map of the trainlines, it is a little farther down on the page:http://www.bonjourlafrance.net/france-ma…

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