How do they make Sand Sculptures on the beach?

Do they mix the sand with cement???  I´ve heard that they use glue, is that true?

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No, wet ocean beach sand, which is not a smooth round sand but is angular and chunky, sticks together, so for most of the works you see it is a matter of wetting the sand and piling it up and spraying it gently to keep it wet in the highly humid air. In time, if not hit by the tide and that is the best zone to build them in, they dry out and blow flat.
There are certainly people who make sand sculptures that are intended to be more permanent for store displays. If water glass (sodium silicate) from a ceramics supply place is mixed with sand of any kind, it becomes sticky and in a short time the CO2 in the air hardens it (thick pieces need to be built in layers or use a long thin tube to inject compressed CO2. Even more permanent would be adding some cement, making a very sandy mortar or stucco.

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