How to get from Calais port in France to Brussels by bus or train?

I will be staying in Dover and they have a ferry service to Calais I want to know how to get to Brussels from the port. How much will it cost and do I need to make prior arrangements? THANK YOU!

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Train is the easiest way, from Calais via Lille to Brussels (Bruxelles), and the cost is around 50euros.

Check times and costs on Not sure that the situation is with this route, but booking in advance often gives the option of much cheaper fares.

EDIT: should point out there are two stations: Calais-Ville, which is the main train station; and Calais Frethun, which is where the Eurostar arrives and TGVs leave for other parts of France and the continent. You might leave from either station depending on the train you select.

When you arrive by ferry from England there will be a bus service to the railway station Calais ville, at little cost. Last year it was € 1.50.
From Calais Ville there are regular services to Lille and from there to Brussels, every 30 minutes.

The Station Calais Frethun is quite a bit away from town, I do not know if there are regular buses running, but if you need to take a taxi, it will be costly. From Frethun there are trains every two hours, so there is a long wait if you just miss one. But the total travel times is shorter, once you do get a train.

In France you can buy tickets well before you travel, but I have always found it a little risky, the chances on missing your first train are quite big.
And when you change in Lille from the Flanders station (for Calais ville) to Lille Europe, (for the fast trains) you have a longish walk between the stations, more chance to miss a connection.

Can you tell me the best way to get from the Calais ferry terminal to the Calais Frethun rail station.

Is there a direct bus or shuttle from the ferry to this station or am I required to first go to the Gare Central Ville on the bus and then on another bus to Gare Frethun.

Appreciate any info.

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