Cheap package holidays – The affordable option for the globetrotter on a budget?

Travelling the world is an activity much glamorised in films and literature, and rightly so.  The mind expanding opportunity to explore exotic locations has, quite understandably, become increasingly popular over the last few decades. While the young backpacker has been an iconic symbol of this urge to explore fresh horizons since the 60’s, many who previously missed out are choosing to travel later on in life.  However, the kind of round the world tours that make sense for many younger people with little or no life commitments can get a lot more complicated to arrange as life progresses.  For one thing, It can be difficult to get extended time off work.  Even if unpaid leave is possible, regular financial commitments at home, like mortgage payments, can preclude an extended time away supported by casual, low paid work on the hoof.   

Those that can arrange enough time off for a round the world tour can often find that it turns into a bit of a whistle stop affair, with the majority of time spent in many locations dominated by airports and other terminals, and hotel accommodation.  This is where cheap package holidays can provide an alternative for those that wish to travel without resigning from work, or spend a tour primarily looking out the window of airplanes and transfer buses.

Over the decades, the cheap package holidays market has expanded beyond offering the traditional family fortnight in the Med.  Many of the locations that have in the past been the preserve of the dedicated backpacker, like Thailand, are now well served by cheap package holidays provided by established tour operators like Thomas Cook.  Taking a series of short breaks in this way can in effect break down your travelling plans into manageable chunks that are affordable in terms of both time and money.  With breaks as short as a week, you can get to explore a place in a way that many round the world tours cannot allow, while keep spending  reasonable enough to be able to head off to the next destination on your wish list within the same year.

The bundled nature of cheap package holidays can keep budgeting quite simple, with travel to, transfers, and accommodation included in one price.  While this may not have the romance of winging it as you go, the cost savings over bespoke booking can be considerable.  Additionally, some of the more popular must-see attractions may be accessible through excursions already organised by the providers of your accommodation, although in this case such options may not always present the best value for money.




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