Le Touquet Aqualud Water Park


Le Touquet Beach. Housed under a huge glass pyramid the Aqualud water leisure centre is a giant pool with waves, ‘rocky’ slides, jacuzzis, solarium etc. There is also anoutdoor section open in summer with 3 more pools, flumes and rides. The Black Hole and the Twister are great where the brave are ejected from the serpent’s mouth at 70 kilometres per hour and finish in a spinning centrifuge. The kids will love Rock River and the delights of the water cannon for shooting people in the pool. If you would like to stay in Le Touquet then please check dates available and make a reservation.

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The outdoor has a large terrace with sun beds and overlooks the sea. The all year-round water park is kept at a temperature of 27 degrees and is one of the great water parks in France. There is a cafe inside that serves chips, burgers and sandwiches to keep your energy up on what can be an exausting day.  Day or half day tickets are available, kids under 1m tall go Free.

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The park isn’t always open every day in low season, so please check their website www.aqualud.com for current opening times and prices.

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Aqualud Picture Gallery

: Aqualud, Font De Mere 62520 Le Touquet France.

Aqualud Le Touquet nightime

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Why can u not see videos when you are wanting to view things at aqualud?

Jimmy, Thank you for your comment. I am not sure i understand the question about the Aqualud. The pictures on the page are just still photographs, are you suggesting that it would be good to have some video of the
pool and rides etc?

Jimmy i have added some video of the Aqualud water park enjoy!

Reposted From Yahoo Answers
Aqualud water park in France?
I’m going there on a school trip in a few weeks, I’m really nervous about it. Are there any maps of the park available to download? And has anyone actually been there? I’ve been on the website but, of course, it’s all in French and google translate doesn’t do a very good job! Also I can’t download the rules of the park from the website for some reason wo can anyone help with that??
Thanks in advance x

Reposted From Yahoo Answers.
Hey i go there every summer, it’s really great. I’m not a big ride person, I’m a wimp really. All the rides are just big slides which you go down in, in rubber rings there are around 13 i’d say. All the slides are coloured rated with yellow and green the slow ones, these tend to hardly move at all and are more relaxing rides, you can only go on these in one-person rubber rings. Then there are reds, these are faster and longer and are higher-up and have height restrictions they look steep but honestly they really aren’t that bad and you have to go down them with 3 other people in a rubber ring. If you sit at the back its less scary but seriously don’t get put off by them they are so fun! Then there’s the black rides like the black hole, this is basically like the red ones but in the dark. The three scariest rides there are probably niagra- a ride in which you lie down on your stomach and go down a straight drop then it drags out for ages at the end until you slow down. Then there’s the wave- a half pipe in which you go down with three or two other people. you go really fast at the top then go up the other side this is also fun but scary at the beginning which goes in half a second, honest. The third scariest i went on with my gran! Its dark at the begining you swirl down this small tube then all of a sudden your out in the open and flying down a pretty steep slide which drags on until you slow down.
Theres also this massive pool with a wave machine thats comes on every hour for 10 mins. If you go close you get big waves if you stand far away you get small waves. There are life guards everywhere so don’t worry.
As for the safety/rules/regulations
There is 1 medical team for nearly every ride and there are life guards/ security guards everywhere. At the top of the slide and sometimes on the way up you’ll see life guards who will tell you when to go or how to sit or where to hold ect…the park is fantastic, it caters for everyone and the people are friendly.helpful and speak english.
Don’t worry just relax you’ll enjoy it!! You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and its 100% safe.
Hope i helped and reassured you! have fun !

I Marcia Garrett had the most amazing time at aqualud water park it was flabbergasting i couldnt beieve it when i got there i loved the black hole water slide and there were jacuzzis and a plug hole u should visit it you will be amazed . i would love to go again.


Is there much to do here if you have young children aged 2 and 6?


Yes they have a great small pool with about 6 inches of water with slides and water jets. It kept our small ones happy
for hours. They also went down some of the shutes in the rubber boats with us and were quite happy. The rapids are great for all the family whatever age.

I’m planning a day trip to France in October or November with my four-year-old daughter. She’s quite a daredevil and loves water parks.
The outside pool will be closed so will there be plenty for us to do indoors? Are there slides, flumes and so on indoors?
Also, do they have many height restrictions? In the UK they’re obsessed with that.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

There is plenty to do inside the Aqualud and half a day never seems to be quite enough for the children. There are slides, flumes, Jacuzzis, water canons and a wave machine in the main pool. The Aqualud also has a nice little children’s area, which is just like a kids playground but with 6 inches of water.
From memory the height restriction is 1.2m which gets a child in for free. The height restriction applies for children going on the flumes without supervision. However you can go down in a rubber boat for 2 on one of the flumes and also the rapids are great for children of all ages.
I hope this is useful in planning your trip. If you need some accommodation then please take a look at our Mascaret apartment which is in an ideal location for the Aqualud and all the other attractions in the centre of Le Touquet.

Hello i am planning a trip in july and i watched the video of the ride twister and got a bit confused about where you go after falling through the hole, if anyone could answer where you go and what happens it would be helpful,

thanks in advanced


hello, as this website is mostly in french i was wondering if anyone could tell me the prices for a child and adult.the trip i am planning is for 2 adults and 4 children, whats the price for that and is there any offers for this amount of people?

thanks in advanced


Basically there is a big pool underneath where all the bad children go, never to be seen again – LOL
Seriously though there is a big pool about 1.5 m deep that you drop into and then swim out from underneath.

If you click the relevant flag at the top right of the web page then it will translate the page into your language.
The site is natively English and translated into other languages by google.

Hi, IM going to Le Touquet this weekend for a week and my daughter is nagging me like mad about the water park – Ive looked at the aqualud site and cant find any translation tool so am still in the dark re prices – can anyone help please? Thanks

Here are the 2010 prices as quoted on the Aqualud website.

Season High Season February 10 to July 2 and
September 1 to November 14
July 3 to August 31
€ 16.50 1 day € 18.50
€ 24.50 1 day + snack € 26.50
€ 21.80 Child 1 day + snack € 23.80
€ 62.00 Family 1 day € 70.00
€ 88.60 (from) Family one day + snack € 96.60 (from)
Family rate
valid for 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years

Free for adventurers less than 1 meter


Adult € 8.90 Snack: Sandwich (Tuna or Chicken or American) or Nuggets or Hot Dog or Hamburger or Salad – Chips – Soda (50cl) or Water (33cl)

Child € 5.90 Snack: Sausage – Chips – Yogurt Drink – Fruit Juices (20cl CapriSun) or Water (33cl)

Enjoy 10% discount on every snack in the phrase “entry + snack”.

The park offers rental of a key for your locker.
Each key is charged € 2 to the park entrance and a deposit of 3 € will be requested when removing the key. A numbered voucher you are then presented with the key.
The deposit is refunded when you leave on presentation of the key and good.
The lockers are opened and emptied each night.

Hi Hoping to take a nine year old to Aqualud at the end of Feb. I don’t want to swim. Is it safe and allowed for her to swim alone – she is competent. Also, is there anywhere that people who aren’t swimming can watch from?

Yes it is safe and they are allowed to swim alone. There is a cafe and seating area surrounding the main pool which serves fast food where you can sit and watch.
There are always plenty of life guards around who also watch the exits and entry to any of the shutes. There is a height restriction on some of the shutes
but i imagine your son/daughter would be able to go on all the shutes except perhaps the Black hole. – Depends on their height.

From the aqualud website I couldn’t find the opening times for 2011 – do you know what they are for June 2011, and how much an adult pass is? Do you know if it is far from St Valéry sur Somme and if we take a pushchair is it easy to get around or are there lots of steps?

Hi Anthea
It looks like they have not published the calendar for 2011 on the Aqualud website yet. From memory outside of peak season they are normally always open at the weekend. However please check before travelling.
The 2010 prices are shown in an earlier post on this page in case you couldn’t find them on the Aqualud site. I assume the 2011 prices will be similar?
It looks like its going to be about an hours drive from St Valéry sur Somme to the Aqualud in Le Touquet. Here is the link for you http://www.letouquet-holidays.co.uk/3pf
Its easy enough to get around in the Aqualud, i seem to recall there are a few steps down when you first go in, but you should have no problem with a pushchair.

thanks very much for your reply!

Is there any restriction on swim wear? Are longer shorts for both girs and boys permissible? In the past never been a problem but one or two anxious Parents at my meeting last night so claification would be appreciated.

Thank you

I have never been aware of any issues with costumes at the Park. Their website simply says that for reasons of hygiene you should wear
swim wear. So i would assume this means no cut off jeans or underwear. As its a family place its also probably not recommended to
where anything thats to revealing.

^ the comment about swimwear, are we able to wear a pair of shorts (I.E. polyester p.e shorts) over swimwear?

I recently went myself to the Aqualud and it seems they do enforce the swimwear only rule. “No Shorts”
Apparently this is for hygiene reasons and is now the norm across all of France. I assume that they imagine people use the same shorts for outside daily use? I wondered if it was a way of beating the recession for small shop owners who sell swimwear? So if its not specifically swim-wear and not made of Lycra or a similar material you will probably have a problem getting in. All is not lost if you can’t get in, the happy lady in the swim-wear shop in the entrance can sort you out with a suitable pair of swimmers for €10. Personally i just think the French wanted to see more of my body than the rest of the world feels able to cope with LOL.

Hello,Our family are going to be in Le Touquet for 3 days in July.The Aqualud will be a big hit with our son and daughter but we can’t afford to go every day at 70 Euros.To help with cost is it acceptable to bring our own picnic?Also do you have to pay if you are just going to watch the children? Want to do as much as possible with the kids, but we want to relax as well.Thanks in advance.

I am afraid the management at the Aqualud are fairly stringent about not bringing picnics as they want you to eat in the fast food cafe which in my opinion could be a lot better. Also you cannot go in as a spectator and have to pay full price. I have always thought the Aqualud pricing to be unfair with a children’s ticket based on height rather than age. Come on Aquaud management lets have a sensible price for a family ticket, a discount if you go in 2 hours before it closes. Oh and drop the shorts rule it just confuses and annoys people as there are no clear guidelines.

Why not try the Bagatelle theme park at Berke its a great day out for similar money and a lot less restricting.

I went to Aqualud 2 years ago on a school trip to Le Touquet and it was amazing!! I’m going on the same trip again in 3days! I can’t wait!! x

Is the site in English at all, I can’t see any link to read it in English?

You are right, i think since they re-vamped the website the English links have gone. If you use google chrome it detects the site is in French and offers to translate it for you. It actually makes quite a good job of this.

Why can you not wear swimming shorts? it is pathetic is that really true?

Yes its true based on my own experience. The basic rule seems to be it needs to me made of Lycra. I believe its a hygiene thing as you may potentially have worn the shorts outside? The reality of course is that even though you could have worn your shorts elsewhere anyone i have ever met has a separate pair of shorts for swimming. It does seem very illogical considering what dogs owners seem to be allowed to get away with in France.

Are there any rapids at aqualud???

Yes behind the main slides. Probably the thing that will wear you out the most
by the time you have been up and down at least 3 times.

Is the park good for children aged 7-15 as I’m going on holiday there

We are hoping to go there this Sunday from London.

1. Is there parking
2. Are you allowed to take in our own food.
3. Is it suitable for a 17month baby

Yes there is plenty of paid parking right next to the Aqualud – the main beach car park on the promenade.
Food: They don’t check, but you are not really supposed to take food in except for a few snacks etc. Don’t expect to sit in the
cafe area and eat your own picnic!
There is a fun splash and waterfall area that is great for babies.
Have fun 🙂

hey is there much to do with groups because im going with my school?


Can anyone help with a rough idea on how much it is for adults and also children a seven year old a three year old and a 1 year thank you

Here are the rates as published on the Aqualud website for 2013.
Public price in 2013:

PACKAGE 1/2 day Adult (11h-14h)
Not available in August

PACKAGE 1/2 day Child (11h-14h)
Not available in August

Rate Family
2 Adults + 2 Children under 1m40

Themed night

* Package:

€ 19.50
€ 15

€ 16.50
€ 13

€ 66

€ 15

* Package + snack:

€ 27.50
€ 23

€ 21.00
€ 18

€ 91.00

€ 25
Outside the park will be open from 06/07/2013 to 01/09/2013 from 12h00 to 18h30 (weather permitting)
* Nocturnes 13, 20, 27 July and 3, 10, 17 August from 20h to 23h.
Details of the tariff

Details of the tariff
Snack adult € 9.90
Merguez sausage or U.S.
Ham or tuna salad or
Tuna or Chicken or Bagel
or Hot Dog
or Nuggets
Hamburger or
+ Fries
+ Soda (50cl) or water (33cl)
+ Dessert choice depending on availability the day

Snack Children up to 10 years: € 6.50
Hamburger or 4 nuggets
+ Fries
+ 1 CapriSun
+ 1 dinofoot

Racks: 3 € or 5 € depending on the size
The park offers rent a locker for your personal belongings.
The lockers are opened and emptied every night.

It is a computerized system that hire only accepts coins of 1 € and 2 €.
This computer does not change.
The lockers are opened and emptied every night.

I’m planning a trip to calais France and I’m wondering is this park in calais and how much it is for 4 people

The Aqualud Water Park is not in Calais, it is located on the beach in Le Touquet which is about 50 minutes drive south from Calais.
2013 rates have already been posted on this page, please take a look.

Aqualud is an essential stop every time we go to Le Touquet for my 8 and 14 year old. It’s not cheap but the children love it. The rule on shorts is enforced – basically all boys and men must wear tight fitting lycra swim shorts rather than loose fitting board type shorts. This is the rule throughout most of France – it is similarly enforced in the Le Touquet Novotel pool for example where hats are also compulsory (they are not at Aqualud). No picnicking, food or drink allowed inside the pool area for hygiene as much as anything. The restaurant is not great but the kids don’t want to sit down for long! There’s a wave machine, separate area for little kids, rapids and several flumes. They do half day tickets and annual passes as an alternative to the full day pass.

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