Boulogne Pas de Calais France


Famous as being France’s biggest fishing port, Boulognes history dates back to Roman times. The old town grew up within the old Roman city walls and has a fantastic atmosphere. Boulogne is about 30 minutes up the A16 from any of our properties in Le Touquet.  A visit to the cathedral is a must.

Boulogne Nausica Sea Life Centre
View of Boulogne Port and Nausica.
Boulogne Cathedral
Boulogne StreetTypical street in the old town.
Boulogne Chateau
The Boulogne Chateau
Boulogne Coast View
View of the beach from Wimereaux.
Speedferries Boat Boulogne
Speedferries Speed One approaching Boulogne Port
Boulogne Bed & breakfast
Excellent Bed & Breakfast next to the Cathedral.

Things to Do in Boulogne.
Eat Fish: The Rue de Lille from the Cathedral boasts a great selection of excellent restaurants.
Watch the fish being unloaded and sold on the quayside market.
Admire the Cathedral.
Go to the Nausicaa sea life centre by the harbour.
Go to the Boulonnais nature park in the hills around Boulogne.
Take the  coast road to Wimereaux watch the ferry boats come in,  gather mussels from the rocks. Visit the British war grave cemetary nearby.

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