Boulogne Cathedral Dome size??

What is the size of the cathedral dome in Boulogne in France? What is the town emblem of the town and what is the legend of its origin?

The Real Paris Plage Beach – Paris or Le Touquet?

In 2002, the mayor of Paris launched Operation Paris-Plage,  the idea was to give Parisians their own beach right  on the  Seine. (sand, palm trees, games …).  Paris filed the name “Paris-Plage” in order to use it commercially. But hang on a minute there is already a Paris-Plage also known as Le Touquet-Paris-Plage . Denying […]

Who Was The Roman Emperor, That Made His Soldiers Collect Shells From The Beaches At Boulogne ?…?

Does anyone know who he was, What Roman Emperor, that made his Soldiers collect Shells from Boulogne beaches, (Todays france), and put them in their helmets, in about 40AD…