Directions to Le Touquet

Travelling to Le Touquet from Calais or Boulogne.


The cheapest way to travel the English Channel to Le Touquet is by Ferry from Dover to Calaiswhich takes about 90 minutes(Sea France, P.O). Flights to Le Touquet are available from Lydd Air who fly from Lydd airport near Ashford in Kent.  L’Opale villa and all our other holiday rental properties are within 60 minutes from Calais. Alternatively if traveling to France via Eurotunnel then our villas are also about a 50 minute drive. You can also get to Le Touquet via train by travelling to Etaples station.



If traveling by car from Calais port, follow the directions below.

Don’t forget we can offer a substantial discount on your ferry crossing when booked with your accommodation. Please see our Ferry Page for details.


A26 Take the Calais Ring Road A26 signposted ‘Toutes Directions’
A26 – A16At Junction 18 take the A16 (West).  Follow the signs for Boulogne and stay  until Junction 29 (Just outside Boulogne)
Note that Junction numbers on this stretch of the A16 decrease from J18 to J3 and then start again with J31 decreasing there on.
A16-D940At Junction 29, you can either:–  Pay the toll (€2.70) and stay on the A16 until Junction 26 (Le Touquet) or

Leave the motorway and take the D940 road signposted Etaples/
Le Touquet/ Berck-

M16 and D940 run parallel to each other and both lead to Le Touquet, the M16     being the faster route. Travel time from Calais to Le Touquet via D940 is 80 mins. Travel time if you stay on the A16 all the way to Le Touquet and pay the Peage is about 55 minutes.

A16-N39If traveling on A16, take the N39 at Junction 26, sign posted Le Touquet.
Then join the D940 and follow directions below
D940If traveling on the D940, drive through Etaples and cross the River Canche.
Follow the signs to Le Touquet centre and the beach.

Have a pleasant journey!

Google Map – Calais to Le Touquet (Toll Route)

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