How do I get an EHIC European Health Insurance Card ?

What is an EHIC?
An EHIC is a European Health Insurance Card. It gives the holder rights to healthcare that
may become necessary during a temporary visit to European Countries. The EHIC replaced
the E111 form which is no longer valid.
How do i get an EHIC European Health Insurance Card ?
EHIC health cards are supplied by the NHS free of charge. The quickest way to obtain one
is to apply online or alternatively by phone.
What does the EHIC cover?
If you have an accident or suddenly become ill in a European country you’ll receive the
necessary state-provided medical healthcare at reduced cost, or sometimes free.
In some countries you may still have to pay for treatment but try and obtain a refund
before travelling home as it’s a lot more difficult afterwards. 
You’ll be treated on the same terms as insured nationals of the country you’re in. 
The card provides basic cover and should not be viewed as private health cover or a 
replacement for medical travel insurance. 
Be warned there are a number of unofficial websites that make a charge for obtaining
these cards on your behalf. It is so easy to apply online yourself for an EHIC why bother
to pay someone to make the application for you.
Who Needs an EHIC?
Anybody who is travelling to a European countryt would benefit from an EHIC. If you've
already got travel insurance, it's a valuable extra safety net, even if just for visiting the
local GP with a minor illness while your away. You must be over 16 to apply, and each family
member must have their own card. Adults can apply on a childs behalf and list them as a
dependent. Each family member will receive their own separate EHIC.

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