Le Touquet Parking

Although Parking in Le Touquet has become more difficult in recent years with the parking zones steadily expanding. The Le Mascaret apartment is  close to a number of  car parks. Free car parking is available in certain areas especially in the mornings until 1pm.

Directly outside the apartment and generally available within the town centre are Free 60 minute bays. These use clever technology to sense when you have pulled up and the timer runs from then. They also make it very obvious when you have overstayed your  limit.

Most of the central area of Le Touquet is now covered by Pay and Display parking with modern meters readily available. All  meters accept cash or cards as payment and are very easy to use. Don’t try and read the instructions just look at the picture icons on on the meter.  Tariff is €1 – €2 per hour depending on where you park. Alternativley you may purchase a temporary permit from the Town Hall or either of the 2 tourist offices.

Le Touquet Parking Prices 2011

Longer duration Tickets.
–                 2 Days : 14 euros,
–          7 Days : 21 euros,
–          1 Month : 42 euros.

Pay and Display Parking.

–          Pink Central Zone 60 minutes max FREE
–          Red Central Zone €2 per hour.
–          Yellow Inner Zone €1.5 per hour.
–          Green Outer Zone €1 per hour.

It is also possible to purchase a ticket for €20 that allows you to park only in the beach car parks. This ticket is valid for the whole summer.A parking map of Le Touquet giving full details of parking zones and  Tariffs may be downloaded at the bottom of this page.



You can also park in the market square which is free except for weekends and Bank Holidays. However be warned do not park overnight before a market day (Thursday & Saturday) or you will get towed.

Le Touquet Beach Parking.

If you park in the car park behind the promenade, close to the Aqualud ,by the merry go round, then this is all Pay and Display parking charged at €2 per hour (2011).
For beach parking it is cheaper to park in the beach car parks as you will only pay €1 per hour (2011)
Generally parking on the beach promenade is free in the morning until 13:00hrs.

The weekly tourist parking ticket represents good value if you want piece of mind.  However if you wish to pay as you go then the various zones an charging periods are clearly marked. 


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