Le Touquet Property Owner?

Are you the owner of a holiday rental property in or close to Le Touquet?  How much time do you spend creating advertisements, updating calenders, liasing with clients dealing with problems? There is no getting away from it managing and running a holiday rental home is a very time consuming process for an owner.   

If you are an owner and have a property in the vicinity of  Le Touquet then we would love to hear from you.  We can offer a range of services ranging from a simple advert on our website(s) through to a fully comprehensive rental and management service.  

We are specialist in the Le Touquet area and have seen our rental weeks and our portfolio grow year on year since 2003.  Our services can be completely customised for the level of support that you may require.  We are always interested in talking to any new owner, as again this year we simply do not have enough properties to meet the growing demand.
If you want to increase your level of bookings without the hassle come and talk to us. 


Richard & Roxanne Moore

Le Touquet Holidays.

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