What Is The Best Car Ferry Between England And France?

And/or what are the best booking sites? There seem to be loads of ferries between Dover/Folkestone and Calais/Boulogne/Dunkirk, and even more sites on which to book them. I don’t care so much about the route, I really just want to find the cheapest ferry.

Whats The Best Scenic Route From Murcia Spain To Boulogne France?

Well, you could drive up the coast, either on the motorway or via the normal roads, but to be honest you’ll be there forever driving along standard roads. My advice would be leave Murcia via Alicante and then hit the A7 up to France. You can always take a detour through Barcelona to see the […]

Best Places To Visit In France In 2 Days Close To Calais?

I am going to Calais and staying there for 2 days with my girlfriend we want to see a few good places in France and generally have a good time in the limited time we have. We are willing to take buses to anywhere in that quarter of france if it is worth the trip. […]