Take a Ferry to France – Get Away For a Day.

Dunkerque is the northernmost French ferry port, only six miles from the border of Belgium.

Dover Calais Ferry

Dover to Calais

Just twenty miles from Dover is the French port of Calais and the Dover Calais ferry route lets you choose from a load of sailings each and everyday. So you can pretty much leave and return whenever you want.

McDonalds in Cite Europe in Calais has Free Wifi ?

I am going to Calais next week and need to use my laptop out there,, Will be going to Cite Europe which has a McDonalds. Just wondered if it has free wifi. If not, is there anywhere in Cite Europe that has Wifi ? Thanks

Chunnel from dover to calais via car?

What is the cost to cross the Channel via the Chunnel.?

Day trip to Calais or Boulogne?

I run a fashion house, and love great food, wine,clothes,sport clothes, and sports equipment,and i would like to take in a little live classical or jazz music. Could i find a place in Calais or Boulogne that supports these options preferably shops in close proximity to each other so my day is satisfactory?

Anyone Know If There Is A Mcdonald’s In Boulogne Or Calais

Yes there are 2 others apart from Cité Europe Mac Donald’s Restaurant with Mc Drive at Carrefour Mivoix 62100 Calais Tél. 03 21 19 31 61 and at motorway A16-ZAC Curie 62100 Calais Tél. 03 21 85 11 02 Why don’t you try a french “Quick” brand fast food restaurant

Can I Rent A Car In Calais And Return It to Munich?

I would am travelling from London, through various Europe, to Munich to catch a flight elsewhere. I am wondering if anyone knows if I could rent a car in Calais and return it once I get to Munich.