How much is food on the Ferry to France(Calais Dover).?

can i just have an average- drinks, sandwiches etc….

Dover Calais Ferry

Dover to Calais

Just twenty miles from Dover is the French port of Calais and the Dover Calais ferry route lets you choose from a load of sailings each and everyday. So you can pretty much leave and return whenever you want.

Chunnel from dover to calais via car?

What is the cost to cross the Channel via the Chunnel.?

Can I Travel As A Foot Passenger From Dover To Boulogne Sur Mer?

You are able to travel as a foot passenger with LD Lines from Dover to Boulogne. There are some restrictions on when foot passengers are allowed to travel. Currently from the LD lines website Please note: Foot Passengers may only travel on selected sailings on the Dover-Boulogne route. These are from Dover at 0745 and […]