Chunnel from dover to calais via car?

What is the cost to cross the Channel via the Chunnel.?

Has anyone canoed through France on rivers from Boulogne area to south of France and on Canals where no river?

If so do you need licence to travel them.I`ve canoed from Tamworth england to the sea(Hull) It was great. and wondered about france.If you have i would like to contact you by email or whatever.I would also like to do Spain to Costa del Sol but don`t think there are enough rivers

How to get from Calais port in France to Brussels by bus or train?

I will be staying in Dover and they have a ferry service to Calais I want to know how to get to Brussels from the port. How much will it cost and do I need to make prior arrangements? THANK YOU!

How long does it take to drive from Lille to Disneyland Paris?

I‘m going to Lille for a holiday around August – September and would like to know how long it would take to drive to Disneyland Paris for a day trip. Also does anyone know how long it would take to drive to Bagatelle Theme Park (near Le Touquet).

How Many People Have Swam across the Channel?

From south east Britain to france “Boulogne sur mer” And how long will it take?

Anyone Know The Time It Takes To Get From Calais To Boulogne?

Whats The Best Scenic Route From Murcia Spain To Boulogne France?

Well, you could drive up the coast, either on the motorway or via the normal roads, but to be honest you’ll be there forever driving along standard roads. My advice would be leave Murcia via Alicante and then hit the A7 up to France. You can always take a detour through Barcelona to see the […]