Char à voile – Sand Yachting Le Touquet

Le char à voile (Sand Yachting) Inspired by earlier activities of the famous aviator Louise Blériot the 1930’s brought sand yachting to the masses in Le Touquet Paris Plage. Henry Demoury constructed and rented out the first sand yachts with great success. Americans call it “Dirty Boating” the Kiwi’s call it “Sand Sailing” or even “Land Sailing” either way its excitement from the word go. Modern yachts can reach up to 3 1/2 times the wind speed, the current speed record is 113mph. Even in a low wind that’s a lot of fun,  try it for yourself when you rent one of our self catering holiday properties in Le Touquet.

Sand Yachting - Le Touquet

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