Montreuil sur Mer (Pas de Calais)

Montreuil sur Mer is a pretty hilltop walled town with paved streets dating from the 13th century it is also blessed with some very fine restaurants and wine shops. The towns ramparts have some wonderful walks and views across the surrounding countryside. The local market day is Saturday.

In 1837 Victor Hugo made a brief visit to the town and was inspired to write his best-known novel, “Les Misérables” (published 1862), In July every year the town stages an amazing outdoor spectical recreating Victor Hugo’s famous novel.

First World War
Montreuil was the headquarters of the British Army in France during World War I. Its strategic high ground advantage played an important role. General Haig stayed in a chateau near the town


There are 12 high-quality restaurants with a range of menus within the town.
sample some of the local delights such as , “Flammenkuche” or “Ficelles picardes” (stuffed pancakes from Picardy).“Pré salé lamb” (lamb reared on salt marshes from the Somme Estuary), the “Andouille” a typical Montreuil -sur-Mer sausage, sheep cheese from Esgranges, Oysters cooked in champagne served hot”, “ watercress from Enquin-sous-Baillons.
“Sautéeed frog legs with watercress and garlic from Arleux”, “Crispy Vieux Boulogne cheese with leeks”, “Sheep cheese tartare from Esgranges”, “

Walking and Guided tours.

There are many tours available in the town of Montreuil
Historical tour of Montreuil sur Mer .
History of the Citadel.
Tracing Victor Hugo.
Montreuil -sur-Mer a romantic town.
Sacred art in Montreuil sur Mer
Nature Guided tour.
History and gastronomic experience in the Montreuil countryside
Rendevous with Nature.

Tour prices are around €70 for 25 people.

Tourist Office
21 rue Carnot BP13,
Tel: (0) 3 21 06 04 27

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