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International Kite Festival at Berck-sur-Mer

Kite Festival Berck sur mer

Kite Festival Berck sur mer

The International Kite Festival has taken place in Berck-sur-Mer for over 25 years. This year’s 33nd  RICV event takes place from Saturday 6th to Sunday the 14th April 2019. Over the years it has become an event not to be missed on the Côte d’Opale. For 8 days in wind and sea enthusiasts, athletes or thrill-seekers can admire many giant kites, each with its own unique design. 
Due to the numerous visitors during the festival days and the high demand for accommodation it is recommended to check availability and book rooms well in advance.

A Family Activity Day Out

Almost 700,000 spectators come to the vast Berck-sur-Mer beach to marvel the world’s best kite-makers’ new creations.  Open to everyone, there is entertainment for all ages. Children can learn how to make and fly kites in a safe environment. Marine life, astonishing flying creatures, giant octopuses, even memorable cartoon characters drift across the sky. A colourful festival where you have your feet in the sand and your head in the sky. 

Every Spring, the skies above the beach of Berck-sur-Mer explode with colour. Kites line up in well orchestrated displays for the crowds.  Berck-sur-Mer is pretty seaside town 40 minutes from Calais. Is is also a short 25 mins drive from our holiday rental accommodation in Le Touquet. The Kite Festival takes place on the beautiful sandy beach, its a great thing to do for all members of the family young and old. If you can’t make it to the event then why not peek at the Live Webcam on the beach.

Things to See

One of the favourite things to see at the Berck sur Mer kite festival are the flying battles between experts. International teams from all over the world come to take part in this colourful spectacular. On the last evening there is a night time flying display backed up with a firework show. There are many stalls at the event with Kites from many countries. Learn the history of kites or feast on the explosion of colour.
There are fantastic activities for kids. You not only make kites but get to have a go at flying some of the more exotic designs yourself.  .  For more information about the event visit the organisers website.
Kites Berck Plage

Le Touquet is a great base for visiting the Kite Festival and local attractions. Go swimming in the Aqualud, visit the Aquarium in Boulogne (Nausica)  try some Sand yachting in Le Touquet, visit the maze at Laby’Parc.

Berck sur Mer Kite Festival Accommodation

If you are coming to the kite festival we currently have plenty of accommodation in Le Touquet just 25 minutes drive away.

Trail Des Deux Baies – Le Touquet Trail of 2 Bays Marathon

Trail des deux baies - Le Touquet

Trail Des Deux Baies (Trail D2B)

Trail Des Deux Baies on the 27th January 2019 marks the 12th year of the event.  The D2B Trail is a nature run along the coastline of the Opal Coast. Its special features include sand dunes and harsh weather.  Its a challenging course made for adventurers. You can pick your race depending on distance and ability, there are 4 races.

  • A 42km marathon for seasoned competitors, a great preparation for
    the marathon des sables or the ultra-trails on a demanding course.
    Departure from Le Touquet: 8h00 on the beach to the north
  • A trail of 22km accessible to as many people as possible.
    Departure from Berck sur Mer: 10:00 am on the beach 
  • An 11km short trail as well as a golf course.
    Departure from Stella Plage: 10:30 am on the beach
  • A 3km short trail for the young competitors.
    Departure from Le Touquet: 11h00 on the beach

For your  convenience, shuttles buses at the price of €3 will be available Le Touquet -> Berck.
You may also wish to take note of the Le Touquet Parking Plan.

Last year over  2,200 participants came to let off steam on the Opal Coast. With over 1200 runners already registered time is running out if you want to book your place on this great run. There two mythical bays of the region which offer the participants and the numerous spectators breathtaking landscapes!

Accommodation - Trail Des Deaux Baies

If you have not booked your accommodation in Le Touquet then take a look at our website. We still have a few apartments and houses still available. 
For example our Colomberaie Apartment situated in the heart of Le Touquet – would be an ideal base for your running weekend.

You can register online for the 2019 Trail Des Deaux Baies by visiting the organisers website.

Air Bnb in Le Touquet

Aqualud Water Park Outside

Air Bnb in Le Touquet has many holiday villas and apartments to rent. Started 10 years ago Air BnB has become a major player in the private room and holiday rental market.  With novel ideas and practices they have changed the way in which we all book our holiday accommodation. Instead of owners paying a flat fee to advertise most Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) now charge a percentage to the owner for every booking plus a service charge to the guest.

How Much Am I Really Paying For My Air BnB Rental

If you enquire about an Air BnB in Le Touquet the breakdown of pricing when you book is very clear.  But what could you be paying by booking direct with the owner ? or maybe its cheaper via another advertiser?  The truth; its’ that pesky service fee that all the OTA’s charge to cover their costs and make profit which bumps up the cost of your holiday. Nothing wrong with that,  they are in business and need to make a profit. But how is the service fee derived for a guest? it is unclear how this is calculated.

As a holiday home owner in Le Touquet this time of year see’s us updating prices and checking our advertising for the busy holiday rental booking season. It is generally reported that most sites see around a 17% increase in the level of enquiries between Boxing day and the end of January.
Typically we check our prices across all the advertising channels.  Looking at one of our properties for a weekend in March 2019 revealed a range of service fees.

The service fee from Home Away was £68.40 and Air BnB £90.   So that’s what the holiday maker will pay as an additional charge.  But don’t forget the fee that Home Away and Air BnB charge the owner for each booking. Typically 5% for Home Away  and 3% for Air BnB. So on this £500 example rental that would be £25 for Home Away and £15 for Air BnB.  So booking via Home Away or Air BnB in Le Touquet is unlikely to be the cheapest option available. 

Avoid Paying an Air BnB Service Fee

So wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pay a service fee?  In my £500 rental example above you would have paid approximately £400 for the same property booked direct on our website.
You will receive a very personal service and be able to talk to us directly before booking so that you are 100% happy. 
To check all of our prices and availability for next year please visit our booking page.

Money Le Touquet Holidays

Le Touquet Rally 2019

Rally Car Le Touquet

When: 15th - 17th March

The Le Touquet Rally 2019 is rapidly approaching. It is  the 59th Rally of the town Registration opens soon for what promises to be an exciting 3 days. The rally is the 1st round of the French championships and is always a great way to start the season. With the addition of the Junior and Renault Clio R3 trophy it should be fantastic.

The roads are characteristic of the Pas de Calais region, dust or mud according to the weather. Drivers experience both narrow and fast roads with some particularly impressive big jumps. The stages are generally short 13 – 15km and some take place on Friday night.
Popular sections of the race for spectators are located at Clenleu , Bourthes, Camiers, or Beussent and of course the beachfront event in Le Touquet. The Rallye Automobile Le Touquet is a popular event with around 100,000 attending over the 3 days depending on the weather.
Its a popular friendly atmosphere so go along and enjoy the race.

If you are attending the event and haven’t yet booked your accommodation then why not check availability on our website. Villas and apartments available giving you a little more freedom and space than a Hotel.

Wine Club au Feminin – Wine Festival

Womens Wine Club Le Touquet
Organised by the Club du Vin au Féminin. The Le Touquet Wine Festival brings together 85 exhibitors presenting the wine and gastronomic wealth of France.
Many appellations are present: Alsace, Loire, Jura, Champagne, Languedoc, Bordeaux, Provence, Rhone Valley, Burgundy, South West … from the most prestigious to the newcomers all is to discover.  The 35 members of the Wine Club au Féminin, all dressed in pink and black, welcome you and guide you during the show.
This year marks the 27th anniversary of the wine festival and upwards of 4000 visitors are likely to pass the gates.
Visitors have plenty of time to chat with those who have worked the vineyards and know their product. Wine growers present their know-how and offer advice on tasting, conservation or even food and wine pairing.

Taste buds will be buzzing with a wide range of regional flavors. From foie gras to cheeses and chocolate, gourmands appreciate the many on-site delights.

Why not  book one of our apartments or villas.  Sample some of the great wines the Le Touquet Wine Festival has to offer.

Wine Club Le Touquet

Wine In France

Regarded as the world’s premier wine making country, France produces eight billion bottles every year. Foreign wines get labelled according to the grape used.  French wine is identified by the soil on which the grapes are grown. The term “terroir”, often heard in conversations about wine translates, as the specificity of place.  This has come to include not only the soil in a region, but also the climate. This is why the same grape variety that is planted in different regions can produce wines so different from each other. 

Wine Health

Of course your doctor advises you to drink wine in moderation.  
Several human trial’s have shown moderate red wine consumption to be better for you than not drinking at all.  The antioxidants found in red wine lower incidences of cardiovascular disease, mortality, and type-2 diabetes.

5 Places to Explore In Le Touquet

Westminster Hotel Le Touquet

Le Touquet Architecture

The sophisticated seaside resort of Le Touquet has many buildings listed on the historic monuments registry. There are  grand art deco designs mingled in with 19th century thatched cottages, layered on modern interpretations of the art deco style.  Le Touquet evolved to provide a playground for the rich and famous in the 1920’s and 30’s, Noel Coward was a regular visitor. You can visit the various buildings independently or join one of the regular walking tours organised by the tourist office – cost around €7.

Westminster Hotel

The Westminster Hotel was built in 1924, and is now the region’s last grand hotel of the era. It is hard to believe that Le Touquet used to have an even grander Hotel – The Royal Picardy Hotel.  In its day the most luxurious hotel in the world – a place where apartments had their own private swimming pools. Opened in 1930 the Hotel was spread across 9 floors, and consisted of  120 lounges, 500 bedrooms plus 50 apartments with there own kitchens and butler. The Hotel was commandeered by Hitler and bombed several times, after the war ended it never regained its grandeur.
The town demolished the remaining ruins in 1968 and the site is now a hotel school.

Le Touquet Casino

This Casino was the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s  first James Bond Book Casino Royal written in 1967. Other notable visitors were the “Dolly Sisters”  identical twin dancer/ actresses who were blessed with good luck in the Casino’s of France. Reportedly Jenny Dolly won 4 million Francs in one evening in Canne. It is still a working Casino although mostly taken over by slot machines. 
If gambling is not for you don’t be put off by the noise of the the Casino slot machines. There is  an excellent restaurant with a varied menu which offers great value for money.
Once a month proud owners of vintage and expensive cars park on the lawn for all to admire. I have never really worked out if this is just an excuse for owners to photograph their car with a great back drop  or easy parking for a long lunch. 

Le Touquet Casino

Le Touquet Town Hall

One of the finest features of Le Touquet is the  town hall or Hôtel de ville as it is also known. Still a working centre of administration its is difficult not to admire this grand architecture especially at night when it takes on another dimension.  Built around 1928 the construction was financed by the income from the town’s casino after just one year of trading.

Le Mascaret & Post Office

One of my favourite buildings in the heart of Le Touquet next to the police station and post office. Le Mascaret is a imposing Edwardian building constructed in 1905. When you visit be sure to make a purchase in the wonderful fish shop close by. The post office next door is unusual with its bell tower and  yellow paint.

Le Village Suisse

The Village Suisse Restaurant located in the heart of Le Touquet in an area that carries the same name. In 1906 Mr. Perret-Maisonneuve, assisted by the architect Bertrand, built a village on the dunes of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage which was to remind him of Switzerland. Close to the Westminster Hotel.

Village Suisse Resturant Le Touquet

Le Touquet Market

The covered market was built in 1931-1933 in the neo-regionalist style, in the form of a semicircle. The south wing was converted in 1960 to accommodate a fishmonger.
The Marche Couvert is a very impressive building.  Food stalls in the permanent covered market are laden with the fresh vegetables, local cheeses, jams, sweets,great fish and home produced goodies. My favourite is the spit roasted chicken with roasted potatoes, an ideal takeaway for lunch. The surrounding area flourishes into an interesting flea market. 

Party Le Touquet Market

New Architecture

It is interesting to see that the style of architecture is being maintained even with newly built properties. A selection of vibrant properties have recently been built close to the Westminster Hotel. I have shown just a selection of the architecture in Le Touquet but you will find many interesting examples of your own. Such as the Villa Le Castel and the Church of Joan of Arc with its unusual wooden ceiling recalling an upside down ship. Many photo opportunities await so pack your camera for your historical tour of Le Touquet.

Le Touquet New Architecture

The Historical Walking Tour Of Le Touquet

Le  Touquet-Paris-Plage  has created a History Trail to discover 31 remarkable sites  of its architectural heritage and history. Among these sites, the city can proudly present 20 buildings listed on the Inventory of Historic Monuments. From the 1900s, the time of the Roaring Twenties, through the two world wars and the adventure of the 70s, to the contemporary period, the tour allows visitors to cross the twentieth century with a cultural walk or by bike.
You will find lots more information about each building and the fascinating history of each by visiting the Le Touquet Museum website.

Historical Route of Touquet-Paris-Plage

Historical Walk Map


Le Touquet Christmas Lights 2018

Christmas Lights Le Touquet

Le Touquet Paris-Plage is a stylish and fashionable seaside resort, they organise an excellent Christmas celebration. With the Village Noel, great food, music its a fantastic weekend break not to be missed.  The town and surrounding forest areas take on a magical feel as the trees twinkle with fairy lights and illuminations. There is a full program of events all the way into the New Year. November 30th sees the switch on of the lights and the opening of the Ice Rink. The 1st December celebrates  the arrival of Papa Noel in to Le Touquet concluding with fireworks on the sea front. So why not go along and get into the Christmas spirit, drink some wine and listen to the harmonic Jazz band.   The Christmas village and other activities go on every weekend until the 6th January.

More details and the full program of events may be found here.
We have some great low season Christmas market accommodation deals – Please see our special offers page for details. 

Le Touquet Christmas Lights 2018

Listen to Jazz In Le Touquet

The Primatics Le Touquet

Touquet Blues Cabaret

If you love Louis Prima, you will love The Primatics! The irresistible energy of the band provides a great tribute to the extravagant 1950’s showman. 
Louis Leo Prima  was an American singer, actor, songwriter, bandleader, and trumpeter. While rooted in New Orleans Jazz, Swing Music, and Jump Blues, Prima touched on various genres throughout his career and helped to popularise jump blues in the late 1940s and early to mid 1950s

Why not come and see The Primatics at the Le Touquet Blues Cabaret on Saturday 27th October.  Venue – Opale Corner, Equestrian park, Avenue de la Canche.  An evening not to be missed under any circumstances for all lovers of a warm atmosphere and communicative swing.

Gilles BERTHENET: trumpet 
Simon BOYER: drums 
Stéphane BARRAL: contrabass 
Fabien SAUSSAYE: piano 
Drew DAVIES: saxophone 
Marc DELHAYE: trombone



The price is 40 euros for the concert and a meal meal (plate garnished + drink + coffee) 22 euros concert only.
Reservations at the Tourist Office on 03 21 06 72 00 or http://www.letouquet.com/ and http://www.jazzautouquet.com/


Jazz At Christmas Le Touquet

Look out for other some other great Jazz at Christmas events in Le Touquet. All hosted in the Four Season Room.

22nd December

The largest gospel show in the world returns to France for a string of concerts. Supervised by a totally American artistic and musical team, these hundred exceptional singers were selected from 1,500 artists from all over the world.

23rd December

Amélie, Eddy & the Big Band of Le Touquet are among the must-see when visiting Le Touquet-Paris-Plage.

By interpreting great Jazz they transmit good humor to Touquettois and passing listeners. The Touquet Big Band from the Harmonie Jazz Band has been composed of professionals and amateurs for more than 30 years 

27th December

Fiona Monbet, graduate of the National Conservatory of Music of Paris produces a successful encounter between Irish music and jazz.

29th December
Fans of major jazz bands will be delighted to discover this prestigious show that perpetuates in the success of the legendary orchestra of Glenn Miller. Original and unpublished images of Glenn Miller’s orchestra are shown on the big screen while artists on stage invite you to rediscover the great tunes like American Patrol, Moonlight Serenade, Serenade in Blue, In the Mood, Chattanooga Choo Choo , Stardust, Pennsylvania 6500, and many others.

Jazz at Christmas Le Touquet

Me And My Camera in Le Touquet

Shoes Le Touquet

Add Your Heading Text Here

If you haven’t taken your camera out in Le Touquet then you are missing some great architectural  and sporting shots for your portfolio.  There is very little time left to get your entries in for the 2018 Le Touquet Photo competition. The competition is free and open to adults and children. This years theme is Le Touquet Sport  but you must register by October 10th  to be in with a chance of winning.

FOR ADULTS: drop them off or send them by post to:
Hôtel de Ville – Photo competition – Boulevard Daloz – 62520 LE TOUQUET-PARIS-PLAGE

FOR CHILDREN: drop them off or send them by post to:
Social Center – Photo competition – Avenue de Villemessant – 62520 LE TOUQUET-PARIS-PLAGE

The exhibition will take place at the Le Touquet Town Hall from Friday, October 26 to Sunday, October 28, 2018. The hours are from 10:00 to 18:30. The awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2018, at 5 pm, at City Hall.


A Little Bit Of Fishing History in Le Touquet

Fishing Boat Le Touquet

Maréis Sea Fishing Discovery Centre – Etaples

Why not come and learn about the history of fishing and the sea. The fascinating Sea Fishing Discovery Centre close  to Le Touquet is great fun for kids and provides an amazing interactive learning experience.
Located in a former fishing nets factory, Maréis’ main mission is to make the everyday life of today’s sailors and the marine environment of the English Channel and North Sea better known.

Etaples-Sea Fishing -Museum

We recommend taking the guided tour (1 hour long) which is full of facts but also entertaining and fun. Most of the guides are ex fishermen and so are very knowledgeable on their subject.  You will discover the world of fishermen which is not an easy one.
After the guided tour, you can continue the visit at your own pace, explore  read and touch.  There are a number of aquariums including the nursery, you are also allowed to touch some fish – which  is amazing, both kids and adults will love it!
I am sure you will enjoy the very pleasant and helpful staff, its well worth a visit not just on a rainy day.
After you have had some food by the river why not go and explore the lovely town of Etaples with its many restaurants and shops.

If visiting Maréis has wetted your appetite to learn more about the sea then why not try  Nausicaa in Boulogne.  France’s  “Centre National de la Mer”  is one of the largest public aquariums in Europe. It is a world-class marine research institute, with the focus on conservation and educating people to help preserve the oceans.


Adult: €6,90
Child (4 to 12 years old):  €5,40  – Free for children under 4 years
Family package (2 adults + 2 to 4 children):  €21,20
Disabled person:  €5,90  – Establishment 100% accessible to people with reduced mobility.
College student, high school student, student, job seeker and senior: €6,10


How to get to Maréis?
Boulevard Bigot Descelers, 62630 Étaples, France
By car : Etaples-sur-mer is served by the A16 motorway, exit 26 and follow the signs.
By train : TER GV Etaples-Le Touquet is located 1 km from Maréis (about 20 minutes walk).
Free parking nearby:
Free car and motorhome parking is located in front of Maréis.

Opening Hours

Maréis is open all year round at the following times:

From April to September from 9h30 to 13h and from 14h to 18h00, 7/7
From October to March  from 10h to 12h30 and from 14h to 17h30, 7j / 7 (closed on Sundays and 01/11: the morning and the 25/12 and 01/01: the day)
Last entry: 1h before closing

More Information